Smateso GmbH offers customized software tools for distributed teams and enterprise networks in the scientific and industrial environment. The focus is on the development of innovative tools and plug-ins to enable simple and flexible solutions according to customer needs.



Our Atlassian Apps


Permission Monitoring for Confluence

Have a quick and sortable overview of all space permissions and page restrictions for all groups. Additionally, the login history of all users can be monitored.

Bibliography for Confluence

Tired of searching for the same literature again and again? Bibliography for Confluence is here for you! Collect, manage and share articles, papers or books within Confluence and enhance your teamwork when writing articles!

User Conditional Content for Confluence

Tailor your confluence pages to your audience. With User Conditional Content you can make specific page content available only to certain users or groups.

Personal Space Link for Confluence

Personal Space Link for Confluence provides an URL, which directs each user to his own personal space. It can either be used through the page macro or by linking it to plain text.