How to use the "Bibliography - References"-Macro?

PDF-Export and Page History

Due to missing functionalities in the Atlassian Forge App Framework the “Inline Citation”-macro does not work for PDF-Export and the page history.

Adding the macro to a page

To add the References macro to a page:

  1. Go into the edit mode of the respective page.

  2. Set your cursor to the position where you would like to add the references list.

  3. Open the macro browser and select the “Bibliography - References”-Macro


You can also type “/Bib” and insert the macro.



Configuring the macro

After adding the macro to your page, you can configure it:

  1. Choose the attributes you want to be displayed in your list (make sure they are in the correct order). They will besperated by a comma.

  2. Publish the Confluence page.


Currently the attributes have to be added in the order you want them to be displayed. Also an advanced configuration is currently limited by the Atlassian Forge KIT.
As soon as Atlassian releases more features, we will implement a more convinient and advanced configuration.