How to use the "Bibliography - Literature Management"-Macro?

Using the spacewide Literature Management

Apart from adding individual Literature Lists to Confluence Pages, you can also use the spacewide Literature Management:

  1. In the respective space, you will find the spacewide Literature Management in the left navigation panel at “Apps”

  2. Once there, it is the same as it is for Literature Management Lists on pages.

  3. You will find the list settings to choose a name and displayed properties at “Settings”


Currently it is not possible to add attachments in the spacewide Literature Management.


Adding the macro to a page

To add the literature management macro to a page:

  1. Go into the edit mode of the respective page

  2. Open the macro browser and select the “Bibliography - Literature Management”-Macro


You can also type “/Bib” and insert the macro.



Configuring the macro

After adding the macro to your page, you can configure it:

  1. Click on the macro and then on the edit-icon

  2. Set a list name to find your list later

  3. Set the maximum number of entries, which will be displayed without paginating the list

  4. Choose the attributes you want to be displayed in your list (make sure they are in the correct order)

  5. Publish the Confluence page


Currently the attributes have to be added in the order you want them to be displayed in the table.

Ordering the table columns is currently restricted by Atlassian Forge UI.
As soon as Atlassian releases this feature, we will implement a more convient configuration of the table.


Adding entries to the list

You can add entries in three different ways to your list. Either by pasting a BibTex, citing a DOI or adding them manually.
To add a new entry, click “Add new”.

Import by BibTex

To import an entry with its BibTex file:

  1. Open the BibTex file and copy the text.

  2. Paste the text into the textfield in the import window

  3. Click on “Import”



Import by DOI

To import an entry with its DOI:

  1. Copy the DOI of the article you want to add into the DOI field

  2. Click on “Import”

  3. Let Bibliography do the rest


Add manually

You can also add entries manually, e.g. when something isn’t published yet or you want to add custom entries

  1. Fill out all the necessary fields (keep in mind to choose an unique ID)

  2. Choose a type

  3. Scroll down

  4. Click on “Add”

After importing/adding your entries you can add missing information or correct erros by editing them (see next section)


Editing entries

You can always edit entries and their data:

  1. Click on the edit-icon of the entry you want to edit/change

  2. Do the changes or add new information in empty fields

  3. Don’t forget to click on “Save”



Attaching files to an entry and watching them

To complete your bibliography you can link (multiple) files to the entries:

  1. Attach the files you want to link to an entry to the confluence page where the
    “Bibliography - Literature Management”-Macro is located

  2. Click on the attachment-icon of the corresponding entry

  3. In the window you will see which files are already linked to this entry and which files are attached to the page

  4. Remove files by clicking on the “x” or add files from the list below

  5. When you finished kinking attachments, click on “Save”

  6. If you want to open an already attached file, also click on the attachment-icon and then on “Open” of the attached file you want to read. The file will open in a new tab.


Exporting an entry

If you need to use your collected literature somewhere else, you can easily export it to a BibTex file:

  1. Click on the “export”-button of the file you want to have as a BibTex.

  2. Copy the text to your clipboard and paste it into an empty textfile. Save the file as Bibtex-file (.bib)



Bulk operations

If you want to perform actions on multipe entries of a list, you can do a bulk operation e.g. deleting or exporting multiple items:

  1. Select all the entries you want to perform a bulk operation on by clicking their selection button
    or, if you want to perform the operation on all items in the list, click on the “Select all”-button on top of the list.

  2. After that either click on “Export” or “Remove” to export all selected entries to a Bibtex file or remove all the entries from the list