How to use the "Bibliography - Inline Citation"-Macro?

PDF-Export and Page History

Due to missing functionalities in the Atlassian Forge App Framework the “Inline Citation”-macro does not work for PDF-Export and the page history.

Adding the macro to a page

To add the inline citation macro to a page:

  1. Go into the edit mode of the respective page

  2. Set your cursor to the text position where you would like to add a citation.

  3. Open the macro browser and select the “Bibliography - Inline Citation”-Macro


You can also type “/cite” and insert the macro.



Configuring the macro

After adding the macro to your page, you can configure it:

  1. Click on the placeholder “<Entry> and then on the edit-icon (pen)

  2. Firstly, select a list where your literature was entered on.

  3. Next choose the literature entry based on its ID.

  4. Your citation will be rendered completely once you publish the page.


When you include a page within another page with the “Include Page”-Macro, the citations cannot be rendered due to restrictions from Atlassian.